Born August 19, 1964, young Jeremiah Springwell Schlotzenbergeroodoid of what was then referred to as Los Angeles De Welter-wing, was moved to the metropolitan Alabama borough of Volkenhaven.

He would be then cast in many locally directed films as a child actor, until the Volkenhaven Ventrilated Film Society would be discontinued due to the state government's distaste in moving pictures and recorded musics.

Schlotzenbergeroodoid would later petition to shorten his name (an easy thing to do in a state full of convicts) so that he may fill out college applications. This particular interest in college would lead him to a future Doctorate of Mad Science, particularly in the field of Doomsterology.

Dr. Schlotz also likes painting kittens.

Early Life (talk about LA some)Edit

Alabama LifeEdit

Whence upon moving to Volkenhaven, Alabama the Schlotzenbergeroodoid family was confronted with their loss of income in their newfound positions on the social hierarchy. His parents were split in two, his father wanting him to go to trade school, and his mother wanted him to join the Police like she did.. However, Sting would later form his band to much greater appeal, forcing young Dr. Schlotz to continue to ride his servant's back to the Jesuit trade school every morning at five-ish..

Jesuit Trade SchoolEdit

The hamlet of Un was built outside the Volkenhaven Township by Jesuit monks in 1690. It centered on the Jesuit Sonopitiliz Cathedral that would later grow to house a boarding school, auditorium, orchestrum, and orphan-slave cottages. Since the Schlotzenbergeroodoid family was partially Jewish, Dr. Schlotz was not allowed the privilege to move into the board housing.

As a strain on his family life, the Jesuit Trade School at least offered Dr. Schlotz the chance to learn another language than Yiddish, and was much closer to home than the Van Damme Jewish School for Cool Kids, located on the other side of Volkenhaven. He was a quite talented youth in the mandatory choir rehearsals. Though he never attended the voluntary recitals, choosing instead to explore the Dunwelt Woods between Un and Volkenhaven whilst aback his faithful servant Manduval Defoe There he learned the many lessons about nature and biology that the Jesuits never taught him, his education even advanced far beyond the modern medical sciences. This is thought to be due to the mentor-shipp that Manduval, "squirrel-huntin', savage-bangin' native" gave him.


The PoliceEdit

Schlotz mother Kenny had previously been a classically-trained opera singer, and found the opportunities for her son's voice limited in their new hometown. So she began to train him personally. Of course, this conflicted with some of his choir training, but it taught Dr. Schlotz the value of lying to his teachers. Kenny began teaching him other musical discourses, such as the hardy-gurdy, and the spike-flattened bagpipe. These skills may seem of little need, but they came into use in his adult life.
Kenny also started her own band named The Police, mocking her father's position as Police Chief. It was a nouveau-rich mix of folk, punk, and jazz-blues that built off the Alto-Soprano voice that young Dr. Schlotz had. However, Dr. Schlotz refused to join the band at every opportunity, which left his mother singing only backup lines in her Tenor. Despite this setback, the band was capable of recording and releasing and album on 8-Track. The whereabouts of said album are unknown, as Dr. Schlotz is believed to have collected them all to prevent anybody from hearing them again.


Carpentry Spelled with SchlotzEdit

Childhood Movie OpportunitiesEdit

Teenage YearsEdit

Dr. Schlotz's young teenage years were adventurous and paired with his childhood friend Terrence Jerrall Maximilian. Their activities, one daily super-adventure after another, would later reflect his rise to the likes of a mad scientist.

Adventures with The Maxx!Edit

Dr. Schlotz, then referred to as Springer, was known for traveling the area around Volkenhaven and causing general havoc with his friend TJ, referred to as The Maxx. Chaos Ensued.

However, during one of their adventures, this time in a meat processing/televised news factory, The Maxx stepped out of character and into a fat/news anchor rendering vat, and was never seen again.. The particular details surrounding what happened to cause these events are unknown. Though many theories have been proposed, the most relied on explanation has been titled "Death of My Childish Conscience!"


Pssch! Swarthmore?! Likely!

Instead, Dr. Schlotz attended the underground and well hidden College of Doom at Swatch-moor, located in the mysterious swamps of Enigma, Georgia..



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