Welcome to Funkipedia!

Funkipedia is your source for all your current and up to date news and information that might be true in another dimension! What might at first seem to be a falsehood may in fact be true. So, why discriminate? Whether it be right or wrong we want to hear it! So please we invite you to write as many incorrect, inaccurate, and fraudulent facts as possible. And, most of all... ENJOY!Yeah Bitches!

Calling All Historians!Edit

Funkipedia needs your help to stay up to date on all multidimensional affairs! Please contribute as much as possible in order to keep the world informed on the latest misinformation. It doesn't matter if it's a page about yourself and your trip to saturn or if it's about the great Richard Simmons' rise to power. The worlds need to know! Actually it doesn't, this is secretely a Top Secret CIA project to root out suspected Interneterroristas that like to score out their words for no honest reason.. So use those fingers and share what you "know." Teh-heh!

P.S. Try to have some poop integrity!

Latest activityEdit

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