Krambo is an American and veteran of the Spanish American war, World War I, World War II, World War III, Korean War, and Vietnam War. After having served in numerous battles around the world he gained sudden popularity as a film and television actor. After a decade of being out of mainstream attention he once again came under the spot light after a large controversy between himself and Lance Armstrong. He is also known for being the only man to eat a fifteen pound buffalo steak in under one minute.

Early Life

Krambo was born on June 16, 1947 in Volkenhaven located in the Appalachian mountain range of Alabama. He lived with his family as hermits and never attended high school. Despite Jewish heritage, Krambo grew to be very gifted physically. During his teen years he would periodically sneak out of his parents' mountain hut to play football for Volkenhaven High School, and at age seventeen, in spite of having never attended school in his life, received an honorary high school diploma for the graduating class of 1964.

Military Career

Early Entertainment Career

In 1974, after an extensive tour in Vietnam, Krambo met film director Steven Spielberg in a Sunset Novelties retail location. After speaking for a while Spielberg offered him the lead role in his next film. That film was the blockbuster success and instant classic "Duel 2: the Retruckening." His film career quickly took off and in 1976 was cemented in the Hollywood Walk of Fame as one of the all time greatest action stars. Some of his notable films were "Death Wish 9: Blood Gusher", "Second Blood", and "Mrs. Pac Man: the Movie". In 1979 his popularity shifted from that of a film actor to that of a television star. What began as a simple walk on role on "The Odd Couple" as Jeff the Handyman led to a spin-off sitcom titled "Threes Company". The show's success was short-lived, however, as it was soon overshadowed by the John Ritter sit-com of the same name. After a few more walk-ons and a few cameos Krambo's Hollywood career soon drifted out of the spotlight and into obscurity.


Following the downfall of his entertainment career, Krambo soon plummeted into a life of alcoholism, heroin, and transvestite orgies. On January 10, 1980 his arch nemesis Dr. Schlotz, seeing it as a way to rid himself of Krambo once and for all, offered him the chance to use his recently created time machine. Krambo accepted and traveled to the year of 1993. By that time his frequent involvment in orgies had led to him aquiring AIDS. Also, being in a new era of drug use he soon fell further into the world of crack-cocaine. This was undoubtably the darkest period of his life yet. It was then that he aquired a love for televised bicycle racing. He soon developed a disturbing obsession with future Tour De France winner Lance Armstrong. This fixation soon culminated in an action that would shock the world. On October 17, 1996 Krambo forcibly entered Lance Armstrong's Texas home and violently removed one of Armstrong's testicles. It was immediatly followed by high speed pursuit involving Krambo (in a 1990 Ford Bronco) and the local law enforcment. Krambo was arrested by the Collin County Police Department at 6:43 a.m. October 18, 1996. The trial that insued was followed by millions arround the world, made even more intriguing by the lack of continuity in Krambo's personal records for that time. All the while Dr. Shlotz had been keeping tabs on him, and seeing Krambo's actions as a personal win for himself, decided, as an act of rare generosity on his part, to intervene. During the trial Dr. Scholtz approached Krambo and offered him the oppurtunity to return to the date of January 11, 1980. Krambo accepted gratefully and returned, though to a different time than he remembered as Dr. Schlotz had capitalized on Krambo's absence. In exchange for numerous favors, Dr. Schlotz also traveled back into the future and covered up the Armstrong incident as well as cure Krambo of his addictions. This would mark the beginning of the oddest allience in history, as the one time archrivals have since been known to have worked together on multiple occassions, through with much friction between them.


Political Views

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